Concious vs. Woke

We could beat you over the head with ideas of what conscious and woke mean. We could be a cliché and give you the Webster definition and proceed to give you references to how that meaning only scratches the surface. We can do a plethora of things to capture your attention, but we don’t see the point. If you’re here… you have a reason why. You are at the very least care enough to find out what these words represent and how they, in turn, represent you.

So let me make it simple for you and break down what’s the difference between conscious and woke. For starters, to be conscious is to be knowledgeable of history and culture while being woke is more specifically channeled toward being aware of social injustices and the way the world is today.

A conscious person may also be woke, but to be awakened in this digital age is to not be blind to the mirages that mass media use to cloak the truth. To be conscious is much broader umbrella of spirituality and mental attitude. There are many who are conscious in their own right, but still sleep to the injustices in the world and what really is happening to people of color.